Little Acorns Daycare - "Where we will nurture your little acorn into a strong oak"
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Our Philosophy
At Little Acorns, our philosophy is easy: Provide a safe and nurturing environment for your "little acorn" to explore the world and they will grow into a strong oak.  While such a philosophy may seem very basic, it is actually the primary component to any positive learning experience.  When you allow children to feel secure in their environment they are more confident to engage with those around them, explore new things, and learn.  They are also happier and healthier. 
Every day is filled with opportunities to master skills and try new things.  Every child is unique in the pace and style with which they learn and develop.  For this reason, new toys, games and crafts are routinely introduced; we provide a wide range of activities and different modalities of learning.  We strive to keep the environment interesting and interests peaked but are consciencous that overstimulation can be counterproductive too.  It is our duty to know each child and his or her special strengths and interests. 
Each child in our care is an integral member of our special group.  We stress the importance of being kind, being healthy, and trying your best.   Keeping the ‘rules’ simple in this way helps to guide our young learners toward doing the right thing and making good decisions.  A positive and proactive approach to building community helps to alleviate many common behavioral issues by giving children a sense of independence and self-worth.
Little Acorns operates as a family daycare so rest assured your child will get plenty of individual attention.  In addition, that gives us the freedom to focus on our philosophy and on ensuring the best quality care for your child.  At Little Acorns, there is a special sense of security and family that gets lost at a large daycare center balanced with a more social and interactive daily routine that a private nanny cannot provide.  We are excited to have the opportunity to watch your children and grow with your family.
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